What is Cyber Séance?

I am a writer and an filmmaker who lives and works in the intersection of film history and film making. Often in my work I channel energies from the past in the creative process, like a medium in a séance. The Cyber aspect of Cyber Séance is the harnessing of these stories via an electric connection to modernity. Cyber Séance is une séance de cinéma.

As native Angeleno and Californian (7th generation), I have heard stories and legends about this city that I have kept secret, but now want to share with you, dear reader.

What is included?

Every week or so I write and post an article based on a secret history. Names and places may be familiar, but like a good detective I try to bring in the strangest and most compelling facts for your reading pleasure.

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Secret histories of film, literature, and Los Angeles.


Greer Sinclair is a writer and actress writing in and about Los Angeles.